General Anesthesia / IV Sedation

Many patients can have their procedures completed using a local/general anesthetic to “numb” the area. For those people wishing to be sedated so that they are unaware of the surgery, I.V. sedation is offered.

During the initial consultation you and oral surgeon will discuss the type of procedure involved and your medical history. Some procedures, due to their nature, require the use of I.V. sedation, whereas others are best accomplished under local anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia is always a personal decision and should be made only after an informative consultation with the oral surgeon. In addition, during the initial consultation, you can not to eat or drink anything up to six (6) hours prior to surgery, taking all of your regular medications, bringing an escort with you, 18 years and older). The medications used for sedation do persist in the blood stream for up to 24 hours therefore you are NOT allowed to operate a vehicle or operate machinery for 24 hours after being sedated.

Our oral surgeons and staff are always available to answer any specific questions you may have in regards to the anesthetic. The benefits of intravenous sedation include a decrease in anxiety and awareness during the surgery. This translates into near or total amnesia of the procedure, lack of noise perception and no pain. During the procedure it is important to note that patients are still given local anesthetic to “numb” the area as partially sedated patients may feel occasional pressure.

We have an emergency line to answer any emergency questions you may have in regards to your care following surgery 917-215-5007.



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